The Four C’s

With the digital age and new marketing landscape, comes new platforms for integrated marketing campaigns to play out on.  Changes in communication has meant that push strategies associated with traditional media have taken a back seat, and new media communications take on a pull approach as consumers have an option to opt in. Communication has …

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Organic or Artificial: Search Engine Marketing

On-line searching is an integral activity for most on-line buyers, with search engines being the most popular tool for doing so. But how reliable are our search engines when there are endless companies bidding 24/7 to be placed in the hot spot of the consumers search engine listing. Individuals turn to Google and other search …

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Victim of Mobile

Mobile Marketing is very much an underrated communication tool, considering 77% of us do not leave the home without the personal device. Mobile marketing is any marketing activity conducted through a ubiquitous network to which consumers are constantly connected using a personal mobile device (Kaplan, 2014). Kaplan classifies mobile marketing communications into four groups; Victims, …

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